Event Highlight

  Our Very First Sand Sports Super Show is in the rearview mirror and we ar...


Our Very First Sand Sports Super Show is in the rearview mirror and we are still smiling ear to ear. We had a ton of people come by our booth and checkout the @vividracingutv Supercharged RZR, to see what the fuss is all about.

A few of our Kraftwerks Dealers showed off their own Kraftwerks Supercharged RZR’s to showgoers as well. @utvspeedinc showed up with their Blue 7.5psi supercharged 4 door, sporting a UTVSPEEDINC’s custom Cage, grill, and tons of other billet accessories to make the other kids jealous. @ThePro_shop has long been the go-to experts for forced induction, and it only makes sense that they strapped our 10psi Supercharger kit to their Carbon Fiber bodied, Trophy Truck RZR.

Showgoers also got to get a close-up look at the 15psi Kraftwerks Supercharged 4-door that was put together by the mad scientists @D&Mracing in Arizona, this no-holds-barred build can normally be found preying on Turbo Can-Ams and RZR’s that wandered away from the pack.

One thing is certain, The SxS and Offroad industry is filled with an overwhelming amount of awesome, and hard working people. Kraftwerks Powersports was lucky enough to connect with some of them, and we look forward to working with them in the future on some killer Supercharged Machines! We cant wait until next year!


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