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00-09 S2000 30mm Replacement Cog Belt Zoom

00-09 S2000 30mm Replacement Cog Belt



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2.00 lbs.

Supercharger belt replacement is difficult to put on a time/mileage-based schedule due to the wide range of use these kits see. Kraftwerks Performance recommends regular inspection of the belt, the belts tension, and the drive pulley's ware surface for the longest possible service life that is built into every belt we offer. Remember, when in doubt... replace!!

Here a few factors that will determine the life of a belt:

  • Proper/ Improper Tension
  • Alignment/ Misalignment
  • Temperature Extremes
  • Environmental Factors - Dirt, Dust, and/or Debris
  • Failing Tensioner/ Idler Pulley(s)
  • Worn Sprockets/ Drive Pulley(s)

New 30mm COG belt and pulley system is 57% stronger than our previous generation 20mm kits.


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